How to download Pubg Mobile 1.3 Update

The PUBG mobile game is still banned in India, with gamers from all over the world enjoying all the new updates and features. Game developers are leaving no chance to stay on top in the Battle Royal game genre. Now, after receiving positive feedback and the huge success of PUBG Mobile’s 1.2 update, game developers are gearing up for the next phase. Which is the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update.

While millions of people of PUBG Mobile India are still awaiting the relaunch of the popular game in India. Gamers around the world PUBG Corp. Enjoying all the new updates and features launched by Krafton. However some reports claimed that PUBG Corp is planning to restart PUBG Mobile India. In March, no official announcement has been made by the company in this regard yet.

As we seen in the beta version, The PUBG mobile update is come with the Karakin map and many other features with the popular Battle Royal title. PUBG Mobile’s next update is likely to be released on 9 March ( Today ). The game’s servers will not be taken up for maintenance. According to a report, players will be able to use Pubg Mobile directly after updating it on their device.

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Upcoming Updates, Sizes and Features of PUBG Mobile 1.3 update

The latest update will introduce several amazing features. Such as a new gaming mode, firearms, vehicles, and more to provide a better gaming experience.


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The size of the upcoming PUBG mobile update is revealed in the patch notes. The patch will require 640 MB of storage space on Android devices. Meanwhile, the iOS version will require 1.55 GB of storage. Players should keep in mind that older versions will support matches that match with the latest version. That is, they will still be able to pair with users on the latest version.

Upcoming Features and Updates

  • New Firearm: Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle.
  • New Classic Map
  • Motor gliders can now be found in Erangel and Miramar. They will spawn randomly on these two maps.
  • Clowns’ Tricks Gameplay (From March 31)
  • Hundred Rhythms Mode (From March 9)
  • Various performance and system improvements
  • Anniversary Celebration Music Festival : New Cheer Park Theme
  • Melee Weapon Display Feature
  • All-Talent Championship

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How to download Pubg Mobile 1.3 update

1. First you have to download latest version Pubg from given link below.

Download link – Pubg Korea

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Download link – PUBG Korea

2. After downloading, You have to install without delete previous game.

Download link – Pubg Global

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