How To Download Pubg Mobile 1.4 Beta Version

Finally, PUBG Mobile released a new major update on its global beta version. This update will be brought to the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.4 update and more recently to PUBG Corp. And one of the highlight features for the latest iteration of the content beta for the Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration. Here is the perfect opportunity to join and download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.4 and experience testing new features in front of others.

The PUBG Mobile 1.4 update is officially out yet, As it is still under beta testing. However, the beta official apk link is available for download. Registration for the beta update is still ongoing. If you do not know, let me tell you, you can get experience about the update in the beta version. You can check the features before it is available to every user.

Here’s Know Upcoming Updates of PUBG Mobile in Beta Version 1.4

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1. Code – C New Arena Map

A new arena map will also be added to the game. This map will give a twist in the normal game. Due to its small size and multiple routes, the game will promote a fast-paced gameplay. Players who like to enjoy fierce and fast gameplay will surely enjoy it. In addition, the mode will allow all types of weapons.

2. Godzilla vs King Kong Mode and Theme

PUBG Mobile is celebrating its third anniversary worldwide and 1 billion downloads. And as a part of this celebration, PUBG Mobile has formed an interesting partnership with the film Gozilla vs Kong. The latest version of the Godzilla film franchise is in theaters in India and elsewhere and PUBG Mobile wants to cash in on it. Tencent, which owns the publishing rights for PUBG Mobile, announced that the game would soon feature two main characters, Godzilla and King Kong, after collaboration.

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PUBG Mobile confirmed this with a tweet. It said – “So you can take the battlefield – but what about Godzilla and Kong?” Get ready for a gameplay mode where you will come face to face with both veterans! Stay tuned for more information and catch the brand new film Godzilla vs. Kong starting March 31. “Therefore, even if PUBG mobile players around the world are already watching the Godzilla vs Kong in theaters, they will have to wait a few more days for the in-game experience.

Here’s Know, How to Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 1.4 ? 

Users can download Pubg Mobile Apk 1.4 Beta Version using below given Apk File. Read the given step carefully.

1. First you have to download Express Vpn From Given link below.

VPN Download Link

2. After that you have to connect Singapore location.

3. Now Minimize the vpn and open your global Pubg Mobile

4. After opening your Pubg Mobile Global, Now you click on Events Section.

5. After Clicking on Event’s section, Now you can go on recommend section

6. Now Click on Beta Test Invitation, you can  click on generate.


7. Now you can see invitation code.


8. Copy the invitation code and save this and now click on download and test the server.

9. After Clicking on Download test server you see this page.

10. Clicking on Download Android Version you see automatically download Pubg Mobile Beta version 1.4

Download Now 

11. After that install Pubg Mobile Beta 1.4 Apk.

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12. After installing this Beta Version, login with your guest Account.

13. Insert the Invitation Code in the Dialog Box. Click on the OK button in yellow.

14. After that “Resource File” downloaded. Now you can access the beta version of Pubg Mobile 1.4

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