How to Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 1.3 in Android

PUBG Mobile is a one of the most popular battle royale game in the world. This game is releasing a new update for its users. The game rolled out its beta version 1.2 on last December. Now, PUBG has launched a new update for its users which has PUBG Beta 1.3. This update will be  available for only testing for beta users.

Sadly, The game has banned in India and users cannot update it in any official way. However, if the user wishes, They can download the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 APK and install it. In PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.3 you get some interesting updates, modes and new map. Which name has Karakin. After this its also comes with  new modes and new guns. What’s New in PUBG Mobile New Update Here is the complete list of it.

Features of upcoming updates in Pubg Mobile Beta version 1.3

1. Karakin Map 

Karkin is a new 2 × 2 map similar to another desert map, Miramar. This map is based on the  region of North America. It is surrounded by stones and sand. This new map will feature smuggling tunnels and sticky bombs that explode on the walls of buildings when placed on them. Currently, This map will allow only 64 players to join as same as livik map.

2. New Sniper Rifle – MOSIN NAGANT

After a long time, Pubg Mobile introduce a new Sniper rifle. This will be the fourth sniper rifle in pubg. This gun give competition to Kar98k. This new sniper rifle gun available in Erangel and Vikendi only. It is a bolt-action sniper rifle, It can end opponents with a single shot if they are unarmed. It’s take 7.62 bullets as same as kar98k.

3. Demolition zone 

Demolition zone is a more dangerous version of red zone. This demolition zone allows to destroy the Karkin buildings easily. This zone turned buildings and houses to ashes. The demolition area will marked as a purple zone, same as red zone. Before starting, an alarm will ring, players need to flee the buildings to stay safe. Once the zone starts, all buildings will be destroyed in some time.

4. New Rocket Launcher 

After a long time, Players will get a new rocket launcher weapon in classic mode. Which is a new rocket launcher. This new rocket launcher weapon will be only available in the new map, Karakin. The name of this rocket launcher is Panzerfaust. This is enough to destroy any surface in just one shot. But this gun has one limitation. This weapon you can use only once time in a game.

5. Sticky Bomb

The sticky bomb is a new throwable item in Karkin map. It is a type of grenade. But this grenade will help destroy walls or roofs. Once a sticky bomb is used on the walls after the structure will turn into rubble. Which when someone is in a fight, they can take shelter to chap behind such fallen objects.

6. Motor Glider

Motor Glider is the first flyer vehicle in PUBG Mobile. It is a two-seater airplane. Which requires good speed to take-off. But this vehicle consumes a lot of fuel depending on the speed. Currently, the Motor Glider will available in Erangel and Miramar maps for now.

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Here’s Know, How to Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 1.3 ? 

Users can download Pubg Mobile Apk 1.3 Beta Version using below given Apk File. Read the given step carefully.

1. First you have to download Express Vpn From Given link below.

VPN Download Link

2. After that you have to connect Singapore location.

3. Now Minimize the vpn and open your global Pubg Mobile

4. After opening your Pubg Mobile Global, Now you click on Events Section.

5. After Clicking on Event’s section, Now you can go on recommend section

6. Now Click on Beta Test Invitation, you can  click on generate.

7. Now you can see invitation code.

8. Copy the invitation code and save this and now click on download and test the server.

9. After Clicking on Download test server you see this page.

10. Clicking on Download Android Version you see automatically download Pubg Mobile Beta version 1.3.

Download Now 

11. After that install Pubg Mobile Beta 1.3 Apk.

12. After installing this Beta Version, login with your guest Account.

13. Insert the Invitation Code in the Dialog Box. Click on the OK button in yellow.


14. After that “Resource File” downloaded. Now you can access the beta version of Pubg Mobile 1.3.

Through this process you can download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 APK File. I hope you like this post. If you like this post then don’t forget to Share with your friends. So that they also know about it.

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