If you break BGMI rules, regulations then you will get permanent ban

The release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is still unknown. Krafton, the developers of the India-specific Battle Royale, is expected to announce the launch date soon. Before the official release, users can get early access to BGMI. The game is currently only available on Android smartphones and iOS users will have to wait a bit. In the meantime, users need to follow certain community rules to ensure they don’t get banned. Krafton has set out the penalty criteria for misconduct on its official website. Users who do not follow the code are likely to be banned permanently.

Krafton states that the criteria outlined below are intended to protect the player’s enjoyment while playing the game. Users who fail to comply with the Rules of Conduct. They will either be banned or permanently banned depending on the violation.

Some of the basic penalty criteria set by Krafton for Battlegrounds Mobile India players:

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  • Use to develop, advertise, trade or distribute unauthorized programs or hardware devices. ( Permanent Ban ) 
  • Check the use of unauthorized programs or hardware devices (three-day ban).

  • Modification of the game client, server and game data (packets, etc.). ( Permanent Ban )
  • Uses of bugs and glitches ( Permanent Ban)
  • Discriminatory acts, Example, racial and sexual discrimination ( Permanent Ban) 
  • Inappropriate use of language (30 days Ban ) 
  • Inappropriate names and clan names ( 90 days Ban )
  • Team-killing ( Permanent Ban )

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  • Team Up ( Permanent Ban ) 
  • Gameplay interference ( Permanent Ban )
  • Abnormal Gameplay ( Permanent Ban )
  • Follow your Enemies ( Permanent Ban) 
  • Publishing personal information ( Permanent Ban )

  • Abusing ( Permanent Ban ) 
  • Access to another user’s account / restrict the use of the account ( Permanent Ban)
  • Spreading misinformation, abusing customer service platforms, impersonating yourself as an employee, creating and spreading rumors or any other act ( Permanent Ban )

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  • Inappropriate profile photos, text or images in profile photos. ( Permanent Ban ) 
  • Buying or Selling Accounts ( Permanent Ban ) 

Developers define the exploit of bugs and glitches as an act that involves taking advantage of bugs and glitches in the system to obtain game currency and virtual items. If malpractice is detected from a specific hardware device to maintain a proper gaming environment. So it can further restrict users from playing the game.

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Finally, any game currency, items, and other character-related data may removed. If they have obtained through misconduct. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, not only the character data of what has  received but the entire character data of the user may also deleted.

Source – Google

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