Must Know Top 5 Tips for Solo vs Squad in PUBG Mobile Season 18

Solo vs Squad PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks are very important for players to get more Chicken Dinner. If you want to rank faster and increase your K / D ratio. So you need these Pro Solo vs Squad PUBG tips.

1. Strategy

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First of all, you need a great strategy to avoid making mistakes and relocating. Do not land at hot-drop locations and try to avoid attracting too much attention from rival squads when going solo. If you are the last person, then your team is standing. So play defensively to survive longer. Do not play too aggressively or you may die soon.

Another pro tip for the Solo vs. Squad game is determining the best place to spot all enemies in the rival team. It would be better if you could find a shelter with a larger view and safely shoot down enemies before changing positions to evacuate the other men. A full PUBG mobile team often divides the team into two pairs. Then, you should stick to a pair and knock out a pair first. Next, camp with the knockers and wait for the two other players of that team to arrive and revive their teammates.

2. High Damage Gun Combo

This is one of the Solo vs Squad PUBG Mobile Tips in this shooting game. The M249 is the single-best squad weapon due to its huge ammo capability. It has 100 bullets per bullet which is enough to surround the entire enemy squad in just one load of ammo. However, this gun is very rare. You can only find it in airdrops randomly. Then, you can use two ARs with extended mags instead. For example, you can use an AKM and a Beryl M762.

3. Confuse Enemies

Once you can kill an enemy, confirm it if you can. You can use Molotov and delicate grenades to confirm the kill safely. In addition, smoke and stun grenades can blind enemies or cover you on certain sides. Also, delicate grenades can confuse enemies and hide the sound of your footsteps when you drive away other enemies. Focus on those who are reviving the knocker because they are more vulnerable.

4. Rushing Tactics

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When you are together, carrying a full squad is a fatal mistake. Instead, you can use some grenades to empty them or separate them. Then, tackle one or two enemies at a time. Make sure their teammates can’t support them right now so that you have enough time to reload and heal if needed.

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You should avoid being seen and heard when engaging in combat from a distance. You can use a suppressor attachment or flash heather muzzle to hide your position. If you see a fight near you, do not run immediately. You should stay on the threshold of the match and wait until one team clears the other team. When the surviving team is focusing on looting. So you can melt a grenade to clear the entire squad. You can also use this tip to camp near the airdrop.

5. Landing

Do not enter the open ground. You should get down near an apartment to rob and cover up. If you have a lot of enemies around you. So you can also get near the vehicles. If you can occupy a building. So loot the guns first and kill a few kicks before finishing the enemy squad. Grab some smoke grenades to make cover or block enemies.

These are the top 5 solos vs squad PUBG mobile tips and tricks you may need. Hope these tips are useful for you so that you can rank quickly and increase your K / D ratio.

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