Here’s Know , Features of PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs

Last month, PUBG Mobile released 1.4 beta updates to accompany the trailer, announcing the collaboration with PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong. You can watch the trailer video of the collaboration below. PUBG Mobile only announced that the collaboration of PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong is coming on 11 May. This collaboration will not […]Read More

Here’s Know, How to Pre Register and Download Apex Legend

Hello friends, Finally arrived the game that every Indian gamer was eagerly waiting for. No – No, I am not talking about Pubg Mobile, there is no confirmed information about when that game will come to India at present. The game I am talking about is Apex Legends Mobile. The game has been waiting for […]Read More

Hipfire VS ADS Fire in PUBG Mobile, Which One Is

As we have previously stated, PUBG Mobile is a major title in the world of mobile gaming.  The game is so vast that it has various servers. Pro PUBG mobile players often use both ADS and Hipfire while playing. Let’s learn how to clear enemies quickly using PUBG Mobile Hipfire and ADS as pro players. […]Read More

Here’s Know Secret’s Places, Tips and Tricks of Karakin Map

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new map Karakin. Must know some mobile PUBG Mobile Karakin tips for playing and getting Chicken Dinner on this new map. To survive in PUBG Mobile Karakin, you need a completely new strategy. Always take advantage of high plains, such as terraces and mountains, when you hide, camp or even […]Read More

Here’s Know, Why Chinese Players use These Weapons in Pubg

PUBG Mobile has incidentally changed the mobile gaming landscape for professional gamers. It is now considered one of the top mobile games worldwide. What started as a simple battle royale game now offers various gameplay modes including death, domination, sniper training, and more. Today we are looking at five of the top-rated weapons available on […]Read More

How To Become Pro Assaulter in PUBG Mobile , Here’s

PUBG Mobile has reached the top charts in the Battle Royal style in various App Stores. The game has garnered millions of downloads and is liked by players of all age groups. A player is considered a supporter if he is a good attacker in the game. An attacker is the one who provides the […]Read More

Free Fire OB27 Update : Xayne Vs Maro Character, Who

Garena Free Fire is a One of the most important aspects for its characters.  Except for Primis and Nulla, they all have unique skills that assist players on the battlefield.  In addition, Axne and Beat are the most recent additions to the roster of 39 characters in Free Fire.  Free Fire’s developers often add new […]Read More