PUBG Mobile India Launch Date Out? Here’s Know

PUBG Mobile India launch could happen soon as the government has given the green signal recently. It is said to be launched sometime in the next two months. Recently the corporation in India has also posted a new job listing on LinkedIn for India’s subsidiary, an investment and strategy analyst who will be responsible for mergers and acquisitions in the country. Now PUBG has posted another job posting on LinkedIn, a product manager of the country.

So far PUBG has six to-do lists listed under PUBG Corporation, hinting at the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. YouTuber GodNixon aka Love Sharma claimed that the Government of India has approved the launch of PUBG Mobile India. He said that sources close to the development have given a go ahead to the PUBG Mobile India launch and confirmed the government.

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Recently manufacturers Krafton Inc said that they are in talks with the Indian government and are awaiting their approval for PUBG Mobile India. The representative of Krafton said that they are waiting for the consideration and decision of the Government of India. Krafton is optimistic about the return of PUBG to India and is working hard to release the Indian version of PUBG Mobile in the country. At a recent event, Sean Hyunil Sohan, owner of Krafton’s corporate development, said it is working hard to make a comeback. PUBG Mobile India will be launched.

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But it has been repeatedly delayed due to issues with the Government of India. Amid tensions at the border with China, the government is yet to allow Krafton to release PUBG Mobile India in the country. The head of the company made it clear that they cared for the Indian market very much and are working hard to fulfill it. We do not have an official PUBG Mobile India release date, but it is sure that the makers are doing everything possible to release the game in India. Crafton recently said that their latest PUBG: New State will be released only after PUBG Mobile India launches in the country.

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It is said that the upcoming Battle Game will not be made available in India. A report by the South Korean website quoted Kraften as saying that they were not planning to launch a new state in India. Krafton said that it is currently focusing on the launch of PUBG Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Hence the launch of PUBG New State India depends on when the former game was released.

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Recently Krafton released the trailer for PUBG: New State. The company is working to launch the game soon. It is expected to be rolled out in 2021 itself. Upcoming PUBG upgrades with the new game will continue with the same PUBG legacy but will be in a different setting in the future. PUBG: The new state, it is expected to roll out globally in a few months. PUBG: Pre-registration of the new state is now live. Android users can register for the new Battle Royal game. Kraft also released a gameplay trailer for you to understand how the upcoming PUBG game will look.

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