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After the PUBG mobile ban in India, several other Battle Royal games have emerged as an option for Indian mobile gamers. Indian development and publishing studio Indic Arena has announced a new modern war mobile game. Which name is Special Insurgency Counter Operation (SICO).

Which has all the elements of the classic Battle Royal game. It includes character and weapon customization, assassins, snipers, good graphics, and a collection of maps where engaging battles take place. Also, since the game is being developed by an Indian development studio. Hence the plethora of Indian characters and locations present in the game. Special Insurgency Counter Operation (SICO) has now been released for pre-registration on Android, which is yet to be announced.

 What is in SICO Game ?

SICO, whose full name is SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATIONS, is an Indian free multiplayer action game and modern combat online game that you can play online with your friends. The game is created by an Indian game development company called Indic Arena. In SICO you get a lot of fun features like multiple game modes, multiple characters, engaging maps and full-fledged campaign.

A great trailer of this game has been released recently. This game has not been launched yet. But Pre Registration of SICO has also started on Google Play Store. If you are looking for a battleground game like PUBG, then SICO can be a great option for you.

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In the SICO game, you get a glimpse of Indian culture in many places. You will also get to see the names of the names, characters, locations of the maps of this game. If you have seen the trailer properly, then you get to see magnificent idols of Ganesh ji and Natraj ji in it.

If you talk about device specifications for playing SICO Game. Then you can play it on any Android smartphone with Android 7 and 3 GB RAM. However, they have not officially given any information about the specifications yet. But we have made a guess about it by pre-registration with the lowest Android device.

Features of SICO Game

Many of the features of this game are similar to PUBG as SICO is also a multiplayer action game like PUBG. If we talk about the graphics of SICO, then its graphics are also very good and the game controls also look very good. In this game you also get game modes. With which you can play SICO in both Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes. Apart from this, in SICO you also get great features like multiplayer action, first person shooter, sniper, kill streaks, engaging multiple maps and survival.

All the features of SICO are looking great, let’s know in detail about its features –

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1. Variety of Game Modes 

In this game you are given 5 game modes Free For All (SOLO), Multiplayer Team Death Match, Gun Range, Domination and Battle Royal Multiplayer Mode. Along with these modes, SICO is going to see some more spectacular modes. Which have not yet been confirmed by SICO.

SICO is a multi player action game in which you can play this game online with your friends. Here you can form your team and fight against enemies and you can also play Squad vs Squad matches in SICO. Because in the classic mode of this game 100 players can play simultaneously. Like PUBG, you can also talk to your friends with the help of Mic while playing the game.

2. Unique Maps 

In SICO you get 4 different maps named Pavilion, Vanam, Parbat and Warehouse in which Pavilion Map is a traditional map. In which you may get to see some of the traditional things. In the Vanum Map, you will see some places with locations like jungle and pond. In the mountain map, you can find the hills, which are called mountains in Hindi, then you can see the location related to the mountain in it and finally there is the warehouse which you must have seen in your pubg.

3. User Friendly Controls 

SICO game you will get to see with very favorable controls and its controls will be quite smooth. According to SICO developers. With smooth controls, You can enjoy playing the game in different modes in this game.

4. Amazing Graphics 

Many experts believe that the graphics of this game are much better than the Fauji game and as you can see in the trailer of SICO. Its graphics look quite attractive.

5. Unique Characters 

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In SICO too you will get to see different characters like PUBG, in this game you will get to see 3 different male characters like Captain Shaurya Singh, Ana Rudra and Shiva and a female character named Ana.

  • Captain Shaurya Singh

Captain Shaurya Singh This is one of the main characters of the SICO game. Captain Shaurya Singh is one of the finest Recruits of the Indian Para Regiment and this character holds the glory of our India nation.

  • Rudra

Rudra is an intelligence officer who has worked with Captain Shaurya Singh. In many missions and is going to see a character named Rudra in SICO as well.

  • Shiv

Shiv This is a wise citizen. At first he was just an asset to Ana but now after the success of the Sri Lankan mission. He is a rebel counter agent.

  • Ana

Ana is a female character you will see in a SICO game Ana is a military analyst. But circumstances took her to a field job and she loves it since her first counter operation in Sri Lanka.

How to Download SICO Game ?

The trailer of SICO Game has just been released a few days ago. But the game is not currently available for download on the PlayStore. Because the launch of this game is still pending. As soon as this game is launched, you will be able to download it easily from the playstore.

How to Pre-Register SICO Game?

As we said, this game is not available for download yet. So you will have to wait till the launch of this game. Now You can pre-register this game on Google Playstore. As soon as this game is released, you will get its notification and you can also enable the option of Auto Download while pre-registering. After this launch, this game will be automatically installed in your phone.

You can do this by going to the playstore to do pre-registration of SICO. But if you can’t find this game on the Playstore. So you can pre-register this game from the playstore by clicking on the Pre-Register button below.

Pre Register Link 

Source – Google

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