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Top 5 Best Assault Rifle Guns in Free Fire

Free Fire has a wide variety of weapons that players can use on the battlefield on different maps. In Free Fire, players mostly look for the guns that have the most damage, in order to take down enemies quickly. Assault rifles are probably the most choice class of weapons in Free Fire and any other […]Read More

Top 5 best Passive Abilities Character In Free Fire OB29

Characters with active skills such as DJ Alok, Skyler, Chrono and Wukong often supervise other characters in Free Fire. Still, we feel that passive abilities are so underestimated. You don’t have to worry about when and where to use the skill. Therefore, there is more room to focus on strategy and gunfights. Check out the […]Read More

These are The Best LMG and SMG Guns in Free

Free Fire has a very strong weapon system. Which has a lot of guns that other battle royals don’t have. In fact, they are adding more and more weapons to the game. The OB27 featured a brand new subclass ‘LMG’, with new gun cords and class ‘mechanics’. In this article, we are going to showcase […]Read More

Using These Methods To Win Every Matches in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire battle royale game has emerged as a popular game just like PUBG Mobile or Battleground Mobile India. The special thing about this game is that it can be played even in budget smartphones. Because of this, its downloads have increased a lot. To win matches and rank well in the Free Fire […]Read More

Top 5 Richest Free Fire Pro Player’s in India

As we know that Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. Free Fire game was released in 2017 by Garena Studios team for Android and iOS. Since the ban on PUBG Mobile in India in September 2020. At the current time Free Fire has become the biggest esports […]Read More

Never Do These 5 Mistakes in Free Fire, During Rank

Free Fire is one of the most competitive mobile shooters game in the world. It has a ranking system where players can compete against it based on skill level. The higher their ranks, the better the opponents will face. In this article, we’ll demonstrate 5 mistakes players often make while moving up the ranks in […]Read More

How to Download Free Fire Max

Free Fire is a very famous game in youth and children. This game is develop by 111dots Studio. It is a battle royale game. You get to see animations just like PUBG, the same action has given. Just this game is much less than PUBG in size and can played easily even in small phones. […]Read More

Free Fire Guide : How to get more kills in

The ultimate goal in every battle royale game is to survive until the end of the match, in Free Fire, this is no different. However, it can be very difficult to survive in the last zone. Because the playing area is reduced to a very small area. Carrying out kills in the last arena requires […]Read More

Free Fire OB27 Update : Xayne Vs Maro Character, Who

Garena Free Fire is a One of the most important aspects for its characters.  Except for Primis and Nulla, they all have unique skills that assist players on the battlefield.  In addition, Axne and Beat are the most recent additions to the roster of 39 characters in Free Fire.  Free Fire’s developers often add new […]Read More