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BGMI Map Guide : Top 5 Hot Drops in Vikendi

PUBG Mobile is finally back in India under the name Battleground Mobile India. After months of waiting, we are finally back in the familiar battlefields of PUBG. We starts map guide of Battleground Mobile India. Now in thi article we are talking about Vikendi map.  Vikendi is one of the most iconic maps. There really […]Read More

This way To Get Back Your Old PUBG Mobile Account

Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Beta is now out on Google Play Store. After waiting for 9 months, players are now getting their first chance to experience their favorite game again. Players can register and access to become a tester and experience the game to right away. What’s even better is that in Battleground Mobile India, […]Read More

Here’s Know, Who is owner of Battleground Mobile India

After the ban of PUBG Mobile, Indian gamers are still hoping for a similar game to replace it. That’s why Battlegrounds Mobile India is taking the game community of this country by storm. Who stands behind this great project? Let’s see here Battleground Mobile India owner name. Who is owner of Battleground Mobile India ? […]Read More