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5 Best Submachine Guns In PUBG Mobile 2021

Submachine guns (SMGs) are very popular in PUBG Mobile, especially in close combat. It is the most recommended secondary weapon for all roles and strategies in this shooting game. Here are 5 best smg in pubg mobile that you should be using. 1. Thomson Thompson or Tommy Gun is the first best SMG in this […]Read More

Here’s Know, Who is owner of Battleground Mobile India

After the ban of PUBG Mobile, Indian gamers are still hoping for a similar game to replace it. That’s why Battlegrounds Mobile India is taking the game community of this country by storm. Who stands behind this great project? Let’s see here Battleground Mobile India owner name. Who is owner of Battleground Mobile India ? […]Read More

Battleground Mobile India Release Date Hint

Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced on 6 May. Players are then waiting for the game to be released. Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a brand new game. Which is designed for Indian players. Finally, Battleground Mobile India has been announced. Recently, some leaks from various professional PUBG Mobile players have indicated release date of the […]Read More

Which PUBG Mobile Gameplay Is More Effective In 2021?

There are many changes in PUBG Mobile 2021 that require you to change your gameplay or strategy. Should you play offensively or defensively? Is PUBG Mobile Gameplay Camping or Crowd More Effective? There are many plays to be camped in this game. The two most popular styles of camping gameplay are the entire game and […]Read More

OR Mavi : Here’s Know Earning , Career and Achivements

PUBG has become a favorite game of mobile game lovers and even many players have become professionals in PUBG. Everyone wants to know how they play like a pro, what device they use, how much they earned from PUBG on their life. In this article, we will get some information about Or Mavi, a professional […]Read More

Top 10 Player’s of PUBG Mobile in the World

As you know, PUBG players and community are growing very fast. New players are coming in every day. As you know, recently a lot of talented PUBG players participated in the PUBG official league or tournament and performed very well. So nowadays everyone started their YouTube channel and showed great skills. As you know PUBG […]Read More

Here’s Know , Features of PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs

Last month, PUBG Mobile released 1.4 beta updates to accompany the trailer, announcing the collaboration with PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong. You can watch the trailer video of the collaboration below. PUBG Mobile only announced that the collaboration of PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong is coming on 11 May. This collaboration will not […]Read More

Here’s Know Secret’s Places, Tips and Tricks of Karakin Map

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new map Karakin. Must know some mobile PUBG Mobile Karakin tips for playing and getting Chicken Dinner on this new map. To survive in PUBG Mobile Karakin, you need a completely new strategy. Always take advantage of high plains, such as terraces and mountains, when you hide, camp or even […]Read More

Here’s Know, Why Chinese Players use These Weapons in Pubg

PUBG Mobile has incidentally changed the mobile gaming landscape for professional gamers. It is now considered one of the top mobile games worldwide. What started as a simple battle royale game now offers various gameplay modes including death, domination, sniper training, and more. Today we are looking at five of the top-rated weapons available on […]Read More