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How To Become Pro Assaulter in PUBG Mobile , Here’s

PUBG Mobile has reached the top charts in the Battle Royal style in various App Stores. The game has garnered millions of downloads and is liked by players of all age groups. A player is considered a supporter if he is a good attacker in the game. An attacker is the one who provides the […]Read More

These 3 Features To Look Out For In Upcoming PUBG

PUBG Mobile is finally coming back to India after almost a year. The famous Battle Royal game was banned by the country as well as 118 other companies. This was a major setback for the entire Indian PUBG mobile community. But on November 12, 2020, PUBG Corp. Announced the return of their hit title. Needless […]Read More

Is Pubg Mobile Korea Version Ban in India ?

PUBG Mobile KR PUBG is one of the many regional adaptations of PUBG. This version has been published by Krafton and is limited to Google Play and Apple App Stores in Korea and Japan. Players often consider it the best choice for the global version of the game due to the abundance of cosmetic items. […]Read More

Using These Methods to Get Noob Lobby in Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular competitive battle royal games on mobile in the world. Ranking your tier and maintaining your high K / D ratio is quite difficult. When there are 99 other players. Who are trying to do the same thing. If your rank is high. So you will often encounter […]Read More

How to download Pubg Mobile 1.3 Update

The PUBG mobile game is still banned in India, with gamers from all over the world enjoying all the new updates and features. Game developers are leaving no chance to stay on top in the Battle Royal game genre. Now, after receiving positive feedback and the huge success of PUBG Mobile’s 1.2 update, game developers […]Read More

How To Play Solo Vs Squad In PUBG Mobile? Use

Apart from Solo, Duo and Squad, PUBG Mobile has another mode that is much more challenging. This is the Solo vs. Squad mode, Where you will play alone against all the squads in a match. Needless to say that it is almost impossible for a player to win in this mode unless they are very […]Read More