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BGMI Map Guide : Top 5 Hot Drops in Livik

Livik is one of the smallest maps in PUBG Mobile India/BGMI, measuring only 2×2 square kilometres. It is generally considered to be a combination of Erangel and Vikendi. Both of which have some characteristics. Due to the small number of players (52) and the small map, each match at Livik is quite short. Games usually […]Read More

Here’s Know, How Esports Organization Earn Money

How do esports teams make money in India? What is their revenue model like? How much do Indian team and players earn? To answer these and many other questions. Let’s start by setting some context. Roster refers to a group of pro players. Add some support staff like coaches, analysts etc and you have an […]Read More

Top 5 Biggest YouTube Gaming Channel in India

For the last few years, The growth of the indain gaming community is not hidden from anyone. Today 80% of the people in India like to play games. Youtube india has also promoted the gaming community. Whether it is a matter of views or subscribers. The number of subscribers in this gaming community is growing […]Read More

How to Download PUBG Mobile: New State in Android

The developers of PUBG Krafton are working on bringing a sequel to the market this year. The company announced PUBG: New State earlier this year. The company has also shared a trailer for the game, which suggests that it was set in 2051. Since then, the game has been available for pre-registration. Krafton recently announced […]Read More

Here’s Know, Why Indian Audience love Battleground Mobile India

Finaly, Krafton Company has officially announced the return of PUBG Mobile in India. The game will be back soon with the name Battleground Mobile India. Krafton released a teaser on YouTube and all social media handles. Even though PUBG Mobile has been banned for over 8 months, The response from the community is still unbelievable. […]Read More

Top 10 Player’s of PUBG Mobile in the World

As you know, PUBG players and community are growing very fast. New players are coming in every day. As you know, recently a lot of talented PUBG players participated in the PUBG official league or tournament and performed very well. So nowadays everyone started their YouTube channel and showed great skills. As you know PUBG […]Read More