These are The Best LMG and SMG Guns in Free Fire OB29

Free Fire has a very strong weapon system. Which has a lot of guns that other battle royals don’t have. In fact, they are adding more and more weapons to the game. The OB27 featured a brand new subclass ‘LMG’, with new gun cords and class ‘mechanics’. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 7 best free fire OB29 machine guns. Including both SMG and LMG.

1. Kord

The Kord is the newest weapon of all the light machine guns in Free Fire. Which has added as part of the OB27 update. It appears to be a “middle level” between the M60 and M249, with average magazine size, damage and rate of fire. In the current OB29 patch, the Cord is one of the deadliest mid-range machine guns in the game.

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Overall, the best thing about the gun is its special machine gun mode, Which can be activated by crouching. Garena has decided to further increase its accuracy and give it an even higher fire rate in the OB28 weapon transformation update. This allows the cord to fire 3 bullets at the same time and increases its accuracy and rate of fire by up to 25%.

2. M249

Overall, the airdrop-only M249 is a slightly larger AR with a bigger magazine. Due to its rarity, the M249 has really good stats. Which have good damage, range and magazine size. Equipped with this gun and with skill support, you can tear down walls of glue like paper.

Still has enough firepower to deal with other enemies. Machine Gun Mode gives the M249 even more damage (+5) when crouched. Even though it’s not as important as the cord, you can still do some serious damage.

3. Vector

Vector is the first Akimbo weapon ever added to Free Fire. The best free fire is the OB29 machine gun. With a vector on each hand, you can deal a massive amount of damage with each explosion, especially in close-range fights. Since its release, the weapon has managed to outshine the MP40 above.

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Whereas the Vector is similar to the MP40 damage-wise. Its range is much better. Vector is even better with attachments as well. Each vector can be equipped with a muzzle, which further increases their accuracy.

4. UMP

UMP is the most damaging SMG in the game, as it is the only SMG. Which has the ability to pierce the armor. With 63 points in AP, it can ignore enemies’ damage reduction by two-thirds. In addition to its excellent damage, the gun also has one of the highest reload and strike speeds in the class.

It allows you to be mobile and move around faster. If you want to stick with UMP try to fit it with attachments. A foregrip and muzzle are important. Because the gun has a fairly high recoil and bullet spread.

5. MP40

The MP40 is an “all or nothing” weapon focused solely on melee combat. In exchange for the highest fire rate among all weapons in Free Fire, the MP40 has the lowest effective range. Before the release of the Vector Akimbo, the MP40 used to be the most popular choice for close range fights.

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Because it has the ability to deal fast burst damage. Since this is a fairly old weapon, the MP40 is still really popular. If you are going to use this. So try to get stock and magazine attachments to improve its Damage per second even more.

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