These are the difference Between Pubg Mobile and PUBG: New State

Battle Royal Fans are in a panic worldwide over the announcement of PUBG New State. On February 25, 2021, Crafton Inc. revealed the game on social media. PUBG is set to release New State Mobile in 2021. This game retains some of the main features of PUBG Mobile. But there are still many differences from its predecessor. Here are the most important differences between PUBG New State Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

1. Weapon Style

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Unlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State lets players change their weapons with a customization kit. Therefore, this new game still has iconic weapons in PUBG mobile and more new weapons to use while playing this game. According to the announcement and description of the game developers, players of PUBG New State can build their weapons and master different weapons in this new game. Then, there will be some changes to many weapons. For example, the iconic assault rifle M416 will have a burst fire mode.

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2. Environment

The first outstanding difference between these two games is the environment. In PUBG New State, there will be more houses, complexes, apartments, shopping centers and other structures. This game will bring you to the world of the future in 2051. Therefore, you will see more modern world in PUBG new state.  This guarantees that PUBG New State will not rival its predecessor, retaining the attractive features of this iconic Battle Royal game.  When you engage in more in-door combat than PUBG Mobile, it also changes the gameplay slightly.

3. Advanced Item’s

As mentioned, the PUBG new state is established in 2051 in a modern world. It will have more high-tech items. For example, drones will be used wisely in this future world. Apart from this, you also see a shield in the trailer of this new game. These changes will force players to change their gameplay. At Pubg New State, you will not only need skills and strategies, but also extensive knowledge.

4. Cross Play Feature

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Another difference between these two games is the cross-play feature. Specifically, PUBG allows new state mobile players to team up with PUBG new state PC players on the same server. This feature is not available on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite. However, PUBG 2 will not come on PC platform until 2022.

5. Maps and Graphics

The Google Play Store states that the PUBG new state will have “ultra-realistic graphics that push the boundaries of mobile gaming.” With gaming lights technology, PUBG New State is all set to set a benchmark when it comes to graphics in mobile gaming.

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The new state of PUBG is established in the year 2051. 100 players will land in a new battle-royale map called Troy. Which covers an area of ​​8 km * 8 km. Players can take help of drones, ballistic shield and other high-tech gadgets to defeat their enemies.

Source – Google

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