These mistakes will Ban your PUBG Account

PUBG is a most popular online shooting game where 100 players play on one map at a time. So in today’s post, we are going to know about PUBG tips and tricks. And who knows what to keep in mind while playing PUBG and which powers to never do. Players make many such mistakes while playing PUBG games. Because of which their PUBG account i.e. the ID with which they play, is declared. Recently, PUBG had banned the accounts of more than a million users.

In such a situation, while playing PUBG, you have to take care of the following points so that even your PUBG account is not banned. So let’s know. By the way, friends, there are many things that are very important for you to take care of, but these 5 important tips you need to keep in mind that PUBG play time is very important.

1. Don’t use Third Party

Eye signing of third party apps is also a crime now PUBG mobile games. Users get into trouble with their account. Third Party App Most users are about to improve the game’s lag and quality to make their game more smooth. Because there are many apps that help the game to play the game at a higher resolution. Improve game play performance.

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But now you may find it difficult to do so. So if you too play your PUBG mobile game using such apps. So stop doing this now. Because PUBG can now easily detect it with the help of new anti cheat system are able to implement.

2. Don’t use Glitches

This is the problem of every game, where due to some deficiency, bugs and glitches are left in the game. In such a situation, many players try to take advantage of this in the wrong way. Which is a serious crime. Misusing the rebel known to benefit others within the game is considered a crime by the developers.

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In such a situation, their account is permanently banned by the developers of the PUBG mobile players who have been found to have exploited it by taking advantage of it in front of everyone. Bugs and glitches can be of any type such as – looking across walls, door glitches and many other small and big glitches that are not seen in the game.

3. Don’t blast your Friend

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There is no doubt that sometimes there is a mistake while playing the game, but in this too many times PUBG can leave you. Many times in the game, we blast our fellow teammates in a fun joke. Or doing something else. If you have to give it, you can get banned if you report it like this. In these too, there are two types of restrictions, one which lasts only for 2 to 5 days temporarily and the other which is for 10 years. It depends on what kind of mistake you made.

Source – Google

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