Top 10 Worst weapons of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has both strong and weak weapons. No matter how well you play, bad weapons can throw you out of the game. Here are the 10 worst weapons in PUBG Mobile. Which you should not use in 2021 after its latest update.

1. M249

It’s a big surprise that the new M249, which is often compared to the MG3. One of the worst weapons in PUBG Mobile. The old M249 is one of the most powerful weapons. But the new one has some significant nerfs that range greatly in damage, range of fire, and stability. It is weaker than most ARs like the AKM, Beryl M762, M416 and SCAR-L.

2. Sawed-off

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Sawed-off is the second worst weapon in pubg mobile. This pistol is available only in Miramar. But this is good news because this gun is the weakest pistol in the game. This gun does less damage than other firearms. In addition, it is less reliable than a pistol due to its lower rate of fire.

3. Stun Grenade

Stun grenade is one of the most useless weapons in pubg mobile. The game adds stun grenades so that players can blind the enemy by the stun. But in reality, this throwable doesn’t work as expected, especially when you use it to tackle pro players.

4. R45

This is another Miramar-exclusive pistol. Although this pistol uses 7.62mm ammo, it still deals less damage than the M1895 due to its lower rate of fire. Apart from this, it has only 6 rounds whereas other pistols have 7 rounds. Obviously, the R45 is one of the worst weapons in this shooting game.

5. Crossbow

The chances of hitting an enemy with a crossbow are much less than using guns. In an intense battlefield like PUBG Mobile, the crossbow is just a weapon of entertainment, not a chicken dinner. This weapon really sucks. Range, damage, rate of fire and accuracy are low.

6. MK 47

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The Mk47 Mutant is useful only when you have no other choice. If there’s another full-auto AR nearby, leave the mutants behind because it’s bad enough. It is still better than the M16A4 as it deals more damage. However, this Semi AR only has single and burst modes as well. If you use this gun when facing an enemy with a full-auto AR, SMG, or LMG, you are more likely to lose.

7. M16A4

Among all the assault rifles in PUBG Mobile, the M16A4 is one of the lowest rated weapons. This semi-auto AR doesn’t have a full-auto mode for players to spray bullets. In addition, its range of fire is not enough to be used as a semi-sniper. So, it’s pretty much useless. If you need a stable gun to tackle short and medium range combat, both the M416 and the SCAR-L are better.

8. Win94

Winchester, also known as Win94, is one of the worst weapons in pubg mobile.  It is placed in the sniper rifle category, but its effective range is very less.  Also, it does not support SR scope attachment.  It only has a pre-equipped 2x scope.  Hence, it is the worst SR in this game.

9. VSS

VSS is not a good option for squad mode as the best feature of this semi sniper is a pre-equipped silencer. However, it sucks when you stay close to your partner because they will reveal your position when they fire. Sometimes, it still sucks. However, the biggest problem with this gun is the small ammo capacity. It can hold 10-20 bullets per load.

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10. Aug

You might be curious why this AR is mentioned in this list of worst weapons in pubg mobile. You should note that the AUG is an airdrop weapon. Therefore, it has to be stronger than its peers like M416 and SCAR-L. But in fact, not all the figures of this weapon are better than the M416. Hence, it is considered as the worst airdrop weapon in PUBG Mobile.

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