Top 5 best Passive Abilities Character In Free Fire OB29 Update

Characters with active skills such as DJ Alok, Skyler, Chrono and Wukong often supervise other characters in Free Fire. Still, we feel that passive abilities are so underestimated. You don’t have to worry about when and where to use the skill. Therefore, there is more room to focus on strategy and gunfights. Check out the top 5 characters with the strongest passive abilities in the Free Fire OB29 update.

1. Jota

In the first place, we have Jota and his passive ability – Perpetual Raid. Whenever you kill opponents with a weapon, Jota receives an HP regeneration. Successfully killing an enemy gives 10% HP recovery. Which can be increased to 20% at the sixth level.

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2. Hayato

Coming in second on our list of characters with OP passive abilities in Free Fire is Hayato. For every 10% damage in max HP, Hayato receives 7.5% armor penetration. As you level up the character, the stats increase. Do capping at 10% armor penetration.

This is why Hayato’s passive ability – Bushido is so effective for running. When accompanied by other characters, such as Alok and Chrono, Hayato will be able to unleash his full potential through enemy armor in seconds.

3. D-Bee

The next skill on our list of OP passive abilities in Free Fire is D-B’s Bullet Beats. Whenever D-Bee fires his gun while on the go. So he gets a 5% increase in agility. On top of that, the weapon’s accuracy also increases by 10%. When you’re run-gunning, reduce recoil. At max level, the D-B’s idle capability will upgrade agility and accuracy by 15% and 35%, respectively.

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4. Thiva

Though Thiva hasn’t officially debuted, it looks like he is bringing a lot of good things to the table. Thiva’s Passive Ability – Vital Vibes increases the revival speed of knocked down players by 5%. Each successful revival triggers a recovery of 15 HP in 5 seconds.

Reviving teammates quickly means the difference between victory and defeat in team fights, especially in the later stages. At max level, Thiva increases defense speed by 20%. Whereas five seconds increase HP recovery by 40%.

5. Moco

Moco is a very good pick defensive playstyle. She supports her team by using Hacker’s Eye, her passive ability to automatically tag enemy shots for two seconds. Survivors can choose to share this intel with teammates to plan the next move.

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Hackers Eye allows players to judge enemies from a safe distance. From there, Moco and his squad can proceed without taking unwanted risks. At max level, the duration of tagging increases to five seconds, further increasing Moco’s effectiveness.

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