Top 5 Best Pets in Free Fire in 2021

Garena is constantly trying to improve the players’ experience by giving rewards to encourage the active player. The guild system is part of that initiative. By joining the Guild, players will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits and interact with more members of the community. Free Fire’s pet system is one of the more popular features in the Free Fire. Apart from looking cute, those pets can really help a lot in coping. In a competitive battle royale, you need anything you can find. These small bonuses can be the difference between losing and winning. In this guide, we will list the top 5 best pets for Free Fire Ranked Mode Season.

1. Falcon

The falcon provides one of the most useful bonuses a team will have the ability to land on the battlefield. By reaching the ground fast, you can plunder first and shoot other players who descend after you as well. Only one player in the team needs to be equipped with this pet. Because its bonus will affect the whole team.

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2. Rockie

Currently the best pet in the game. Rocky’s “Stay Chill” ability reduces the Colddown of all your characters’ active skills. It offers a lot more value than you would expect. Now you can put your skills much higher than normal. Everyone would love to heal Alok fast.

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3. Detective Panda

Detective Panda blesses you with the same ability as Jota. You will get 10 HP restored after every kill. Yes, this is just part of what Jota’s skill can do, but it works on every weapon. Not only on shotguns and SMGs. After every point and hit of HP, healing is slightly more useful than extra heal on Meditac.

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4. Mr Waggor

You always need a plentiful supply of glow walls while playing against the team. These grenades will make you a wrapper to save the downed player and to save them for a long time to revive them. If the list of players is less than 2. So Waggor’s skill “Smooth Glow” will give players a free glow grenade every 2 minutes. These grenades are extremely useful in late games when the playing area is restricted.

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5. Ottero

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Ottero is one of the good and most useful pets in Free Fire game. His skill “Double Blubber” will restore your EP to 50% of the HP that you gain after using healing guns and medits. This is a very high 150% heel. The last 50% is applied over time. The received EP can also be used to fuel the skills of the A124 or K to heal even more.

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