Top 5 Biggest YouTube Gaming Channel in India

For the last few years, The growth of the indain gaming community is not hidden from anyone. Today 80% of the people in India like to play games. Youtube india has also promoted the gaming community. Whether it is a matter of views or subscribers. The number of subscribers in this gaming community is growing very fast. Till a few years ago, due to very few people having gaming computer and mobile in India.

Indian was not getting any means for gaming content. But now people come live on YouTube and play the game and record the gameplay and put videos. thousands of people watch them. Most gamers on YouTube play pubg or do live streaming of pubg. Because as fast as the growth of this game has happened in India. It started a wave among the youth of the country. India got many gamers due to the result of this wave. So let us tell you today that ( Top 5 Indian Gaming YouTubers 2021 ) who are the top 5 gamers in India.

1. Total Gaming

Total Gaming has recently crossed 2.5 crores subscribers on YouTube. With this, It has become the first channel to cross 2.5 crore subscribers on YouTube. It does live stream of freefire game on its channel. Total Gaming YouTube channel is run by Ajay (aaju bhai) living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Till now he has uploaded more than 800+ videos on his channel. His channel has got more than 1 billion + views. He started his channel on 2 December 2018.

2. Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo is on the 2nd position in the gaming community with 97.2 lakhs subscribers. Adi Sawant, who lives in Pune Maharashtra, runs this channel. He has livestreaming pubg game on youtube continuously for 5 years. Earlier it used to livestream 3year pubg emulator. But later it shifted to mobile. Hydra clan is also made in their pubg.

3. Carry is live

Carryislive youtube channel is one of the most popular gamer’s in India. Carryislive has around 94 lakhs subscribers on youtube. This youtube channel is operated by carryminati ( ajay nagar). Who is a resident of Faridabad. They have two youtube channels, their main channel is carryminati. In which they put roasting videos. In which about 3.08 crores are subscribed. Carryislive streams gaming live in it. It does livestream of about 15 games. Carry plays the game in a very fun way. Carry also does donation livestream so that help can be given to the needy people.

4. Techno Gamerz

The real name of techno gamerz is Ujjwal Chorasiya. From the beginning, it used to tell about gaming tips and technical tips. In which it used to tell how you can play different games in your mobile. After some time, he also started putting videos related to pubg, in which he also got very good response. Due to which Ujjwal’s youtube channel got a lot of growth.

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Due to which there are more than 1.76 crore subscribers on his channel today. More than 300 crore+ views have also come on his channel. Ujjwal also puts the gaming livestream as well as the gameplay of GTA 5 on his channel. Which people also like a lot.

5. Mortal

Mortal is one of the biggest Indian gaming youtubers in the country. Today his youtube channel has more than 65 lakhs subscribers. This youtube channel is managed by Naman Mathur (Mortal), a resident of Maharashtra. If we talk about Naman, then Naman was more interested in gaming than studies since childhood. From the very beginning, Naman used to play games on his home computer.

From the very beginning, Naman grew up making games and studies a balance. After growing up, Naman took part in international leagues along with youtube. He presented India by participating in many leagues of the currently popular game pubg. Along with this, he showed his gaming skills as an inspiration all over the world. Mortal has given an example to the world that how we can make our future in the field of gaming.

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