Top 5 Must-Know Tips To Conquer All 1v1 Fights In PUBG Mobile

The PUBG game has been banned in India. The official information has not been given by the company at the moment whether it will be launched again in India or not. In such situation, there have confusion over its relaunching in India. At the same time, the Indian government is taking a tough stand regarding this game.

In PUBG Mobile, 1v1 Fights is the most common Fights. Check out some pro tips to win all 1v1 battles in this game. So until Pubg Mobile India comes. Until then, many people are not playing Pubg Mobile. In such a situation, you have a big golden opportunity that you can practice vigorously till then. So let us tell you some such tips with which you can easily win 1v1 fights.

1 v 1 Fights Tips

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1. Always Do Movement

Winning all 1v1 fights is an important element to survive to the end of the match and get a chicken dinner. Movement is very important in 1v1 fights. If you just stay steady and light a fire. So you will become an easy target and take down quickly. Always moving while shooting and change your position if you miss the target. In addition, you must jump, crouch, jiggle, and be prone to dodging bullets.

2. Take Proper Sound Sense

Do not hurry immediately and unknowingly. You need to make a clear plan before running. Like how to approach. When should you run, and where to aim. If there are more than two enemies in one place, you can run away immediately.

3. Confuse your enemy and rotate everytime

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Rotate and look around before engaging. You need to make sure that it is 1v1 combat so that you will not get killed by any third party. In TPP mode, you can move around to look around and even see enemies behind you. Field of view is larger than FPP mode.

4. Aggresivse and Active

It is very important to play aggressively and actively in 1v1 combat. In those situations, you must listen carefully to all the sounds around you to determine the location of the opponent. If he misses all the bullets and only injures you. Wait until it quickly reloads to try and kill him. Many players do not change weapons in close combat. Instead, they return to reload the bullets and let the opponents kill them. You can use this chance to eliminate the opponent.

5. You have proper cover

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Cover is very important in 1v1 combat. Stay behind the cover while you cook the grenade. Bending and punching to hide the majority of your body behind the cover. If you reveal a large part of your body. So you are giving the opponent to kill you.

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