TSM Ghatak Biography : Here’s Know Earning and Achivements of TSM Ghatak

TSM Entity Ghatak – Ghatak is from India who plays PUBG Mobile for the TSM unit. TSM stands for Team Solo Middle. He played several tournaments for the TSM unit and won huge cash prizes. Ghatak is a one of the best Pubg Mobile In Game leader in India. He is from Pune India. He is a 28 year old boy. He is a PUBG player for the TSM unit and a photographer in his real life. If you are a PUBG player and want to become a pro player like him and have joined a big clan like TSM Entity. So you should know him or you should be interested to know more about him.

Ghatak real name is Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare. He is a sports lover since childhood. He received first prize in India’s Best Age Winner Tournament in 2008 at Symbiosis College, Pune. His friend recommended him to PUBG Mobile and after playing he simply loved the game and became a pro at it. They believe that there are emotions in the game.

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He is a married man and his wife is very supportive of him to achieve his goals. He gets so accustomed to PUBG after playing it and goes to watch the finale of LAN in Hyderabad. He was very inspired by the finale and decided to participate in the next finale as a winner. Abhijeet has worked very hard to convince his family and now he knows everyone as Ghatak.

Career Life

He loved physical sports as a child as he had already represented Pune in Under-17 cricket. After that he had a bike accident and his dream of becoming a cricketer was shattered. He used to win different games like Class of Clans, Dota 1, Edge of Conqueror. He again started his family business as a photographer by joining his photo lab in Pune. Ghatak’s life take a U-turn when PUBG Mobile was introduced in India as a competitive. A friend of his introduced PUBG Mobile for him and as you know, the rest is history.

He has a defined lifestyle because of his family, business and PUBG Mobile. He has to balance these three for the better and it is not an easy task. As you can assume how busy their schedule is. But somehow he is able to manage all this well.

Career Turning Point

His career started with a cricketer as a photographer, his competitive PUBG mobile journey started at PMIS. But he knocked in the semi-finals. After this he continued to work hard, creating a great line-up called Entity. So far TSMentity is India’s best PUBG mobile team and has already won several titles in competition scenarios.

Income of Ghatak

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Their major source of income is YouTube, live streaming and video uploading. He currently has over 450k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is earning from AdSense. Along with this, they also earn from Superchatus Google Pay / Paytm donations and subscriptions. In addition, he is sponsored by his team in collaboration with TSM eSports and Entity. From there they are getting a good amount as salary from the organization.

Monthly income – 2 lakhs 

Achivements of TSM Entity Ghatak 

At this time Ghatak was become a big name in the Indian gaming community for his achievements. He has won so many titles in a very short time. The component has some major achievements.

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  • Mafia Cup Season 1
  • PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals 
  • Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – South Asia
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – India
  • Represented Pune in under 17 cricket 

Source – Google

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