Using These Methods to Get Noob Lobby in Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular competitive battle royal games on mobile in the world. Ranking your tier and maintaining your high K / D ratio is quite difficult. When there are 99 other players. Who are trying to do the same thing. If your rank is high. So you will often encounter pro players as well. Which can lead to an early death and minus rank point. This is why many players are looking to get the Noob lobby in PUBG Mobile. So that they can easily rank and kill more. Here, in this article, I will tell you how to get Noob Lobby in PUBG Mobile.

Here’s Know What is Noob Lobby ?

A noob lobby in PUBG Mobile is a match in which most of the players are just bots or players with low skill level. By coming to these lobbies, you will be able to rank easily to kill and win a chicken dinner. The bots pretty much just hit freebies and low-ranked players won’t face a problem most of the time. A disadvantage in these lobbies is that you will not earn as many rank points as a general lobby or a highly skilled lobby. But still, they are free rank points and this is a good way to relieve stress if you are on a losing streak.

How to get Noob Lobby ?

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1. Exiting Lobby 3 – 4 Times

This trick does not guarantee to work with you but probably this tricks work’s with many players and get noob lobby. But it will increase the chance. All you have to do is find a match and leave it while you’re on Waiting Island. Do this 3-4 times before finding the actual match.

2. Playing During Updates

Generally, most players will stop playing when the update passes. There are only a few players who do not update and those who do not update. They will be matched together. In this way, you will find lots of bots in your lobby. When new updates come you never do update your Pubg. You have to play Pubg in old version. Earlier PUBG Mobile forces you to update the game.

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3. Playing with low rank teammates

When you find a rank match in a squad. So PUBG Mobile will mix you with other teams that have the same average points. So if you have some new players or low ranked players in your squad. So you will get matches from players who have a lower rank than you and have bots. Also, make sure that you make him the leader of the squad. You can easily find these players on PUBG Mobile’s global chat.

4. Playing During Early Morning

There are certain times in the day when there are very few players. If you manage to find a match during these hours. So chances are you will find a lobby full of bots and noob players. According to my personal experience, you should search for matches during the period of 4pm to 9pm. Most people are sleeping or ready for school, work during this period so that there are very few players on the server.

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5. Remove your flags , Avtar and Frames

For those who have fancy frames, avatars and flags, you should really take them down. All should be set by default if you want to search the Noob Lobby. You have to make your account like a newbie account. Also, changing the flag will allow you to match with players from other countries. Just change it to another country flag which is not strong in PUBG Mobile.

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