Using These Methods To Win Every Matches in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire battle royale game has emerged as a popular game just like PUBG Mobile or Battleground Mobile India. The special thing about this game is that it can be played even in budget smartphones. Because of this, its downloads have increased a lot. To win matches and rank well in the Free Fire game, the player must have a variety of skills. Today we are going to tell you about 5 ways to win mostly matches in Free Fire. By following them, you too will be able to Booyah.

1. Use Throwables in Every Fight

There are a variety of weapons available in the game, such as decoy grenades and smoke grenades, but very few players use them. This weapon is not that popular. Players who know how to use these weapons properly, they get a good tactical advantage. These weapons can be used for haste, rotation or even to confuse enemies. With its help, players can get rank faster in the game.

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2. Play Solo vs Squad

It is good to play battle royale game like Free Fire with friends. But if the in-game skill is to be improved then the players should play the game alone. Playing alone helps the player to experiment and build strategies in the game. Not only this, players pull the game fast and know how to survive in stuck situations.

3. Landing

Just like PUBG Mobile in Free Fire, choosing the right landing spot is very important. The player must select landing spots that do not fall within the hot drop zone. Not only this, at the same time the player will also have to take care that he does not land on the very edge of the safe zone.

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Because if you hotdrop with other players. There is a high chance that you will die as soon as you land. Because you will be alone and you will have 4 enemies in front. Therefore, by landing in the right place, the player gets the advantage at the beginning of the game. Also, it helps in robbing.

4. Use Comfortable Weapons

Players sometimes do not use the right weapon while playing the game, due to which they are not able to survive till the end of the game. Each weapon has its own importance in the battle royale game. Players who are able to use these weapons properly are able to survive at the end of the game. Also, they are able to inflict maximum damage on enemies. The player must master at least one long range weapon, one medium range strike and one close range weapon.

5. Glue wall

To Booyah in Free Fire, it is very important to have a good understanding of glue walls. This is a unique item. Using which helps the player to win the match. Glue Walls are used to push, defend, cover, advance height, and trap enemies. Therefore, it is very important for the player to have a good understanding of it.

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