Which PUBG Mobile Gameplay Is More Effective In 2021?

There are many changes in PUBG Mobile 2021 that require you to change your gameplay or strategy. Should you play offensively or defensively? Is PUBG Mobile Gameplay Camping or Crowd More Effective?

There are many plays to be camped in this game. The two most popular styles of camping gameplay are the entire game and the opening phase. Many players camp even when enemies do not go for a run. If you camp for the entire game, you cannot improve your skills very much. When you camp in the early stage of the match. So you cannot improve your K / D ratio.

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If you spend most of the game sitting inside the shelter and camp, you cannot enjoy the game. In addition, you rarely improve many important skills, such as shooting, aiming, reflex, etc. You will lose all the fun in this game. Therefore, it is not highly recommended to play defensively. It is better to play aggressively but consciously. This means that you should run with a clear mind and a smart plan. Pro players do not like camping. Therefore, they often improve their escape skills and create smart rushing tactics. You can learn the best strategy from them.

Difference Between Agressive and Defensive

To play aggressively, you must have a clear mind. Camping is useful in some situations, so you should use camping even when playing aggressively. To participate in this game, it is necessary to have a clear strategy and support tips.

Always keep an eye on the surrounding area and do not miss any sounds. You must move immediately and continuously to change your position. It can also help you confuse and surprise enemies. Continue continuous looting, shooting, and treatment. Your skills are required to play aggressively. So it also helps you to improve your raw skills. Such as recoil controlling, grenade cooking, death crate loot, and airdrop chasing, etc. In addition, you should have a great weapon combo to quickly clear enemies.

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You should also balance running and camping in nervous conditions. For example, when you are surrounded by many enemies from different teams and directions. So camp when needed and flee when there is an advantageous situation. If the enemies around you have something to do, the camp is better than the crowd. For example, many players often camp around airdrops and go to death to kill looters. But this does not mean that you should camp for the entire match. Just camp if it is not good for the crowd.

Join more competitions to improve your raw skills. If you practice aggressive gameplay and skills, the custom mode and TDM mode are the two ideal game modes to practice shooting and running skills without missing a rank point. Run into the safe passage and try to surprise the campers. If enemies camp and do not walk, do not run directly towards them. Use enemy grenades, stun grenades, molotovs and scented grenades to confuse the enemies before they run away.


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Camping or Aggressive in PUBG mobile has its advantages which fit in different styles. However, for a BR game like PUBG Mobile when you compete for the last person standing. So running is clearly the way to go for pro players. Having a clear mind and sharpening the skills required to drive the gameplay while balancing the camp in some of the situations described above would be best for this title.

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